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Signs and Causes of Foundation Problems that You Need to Know

Foundation problems are a leading cause of older home repairs across the country.  A stable foundation just like in a relationship, in a home is absolutely critical to maintaining your house for years to come. The most acute way to prevent your home from cracking apart is to call a professional like our staff in Atlanta.  We insure that your issues are finished on-time, because we understand that a busy life is a good life. You don’t want to be stuck with a large problem like your foundation, you need to have your issues solved quickly.

Foundation Problem Signs

There a many things that can lead us to believe that the foundation may need a closer look. One of those things would be a floor that is un-level. Some people will spot things like this early and others will dismiss them as inconsequential. So always keep a close eye to these subtle changes.

Sometimes with the changes of the weather when it fluctuates from cold to hot you might notice that your doors and windows stick more often. However, if you are noticing this more often this can be a sign of your home settling. Typically these can indicate foundation failure.

Many home owners ignore many of these repairs, however ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. The only thing to do when you see these signs is to contact a professional provider of foundation repair services. Contacting a professional will insure that whatever is happening with your house that it is being reviewed by a professional.

Common Foundation Problem Causes

Many different things can attribute to a bad foundation. Commonly poor craftsmanship is one of the main causes for a home to start to show signs of foundation repair needs. If someone was new to construction or did not really allow proper settling time, or for that matter any number of different reasons, the long term outlook for the foundation can look grim.

When soil starts to expand and contract due to improper settling time. Or if there is organic reasons for the shifting of the settlement, all these factors can contribute to foundation problems.

We have found that drainage issues can become quite the issue if the water runoff from the house is not directed away from the foundation. The last thing you want is the water running off your roof to damage you foundation. Water runoff problems tend to compound themselves into water damage and leakage into basements.

When your house was initially built if the excavation was performed improperly the soil that your home sits on could have been subjected to settlement that was not accounted for.  Therefore if the foundation was built on ground that was not properly settled than the long term stability of the house could have been compromised.  Due to improper excavation the settlement of different parts of the house could happen at different rates causing cracks and un even walls and floors.

After reading this you should realize that there are many things that lead to foundation problems. Regardless of how far gone you may believe you house maybe, you are money to the good to contact trained professionals like our team to come and help you out.

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