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A home foundation is often overlooked until you notice that your home is showing signs of deterioration. But, with most problems, issues related to your foundation get very expensive when they are ignored. We realize that your home is your biggest investment, when you notice that your basement is leaking or your foundation is cracking this can be very unnerving. We have the expertise and knowledge to fix your foundation correctly, and let your mind rest that there are some things that we can suggest to keep a healthy foundation. Since we have an excellent work ethic, we have become a leading Atlanta foundation repair company. So if you are looking for waterproofing and foundation repair services in Atlanta, please contact us today.

What type of Foundation Repair Services are there?

At Atlanta Foundation Pros, all of our staff are skilled professionals with years of experience that can assist you with your foundation failure problems. If you have been experiencing any signs of foundation failure in your home, please contact us to learn how you problems can be fixed.

Do it yourself foundation repair? We do not recommend it but here is some information on that subject.

What to Look for with Foundation Failure

When you think that there maybe an issue with your foundation there are a few things that you can do to test this out. These are some of the problems that we see in homes in the Atlanta area that call for foundation repair services

  • Basement walls that are Cracked or Bowed
  • Sticky Doors and Windows that have trouble closing
  • Drywall and ceilings that are starting to crack
  • Bricks that have a stair step pattern crack in them
  • Basement Walls that are Leaking Water


Causes of Foundation Failure


In areas that may experience very hot and dry conditions soil and ground may pull away from the foundation. When you have a moisture imbalance caused by the humidity changes this can start to cause structural changes in your home.


When trees get close to a house the roots can cause the soil to dehydrate and cause the soil to shrink. This causes many problems for a home foundation.

Leaks in you Pluming can also reek havoc on your home:

When water begins to damage areas of your home these can typically find themselves adversely affecting your foundation as well as numerous other issues.

Proper Drainage:

An unchecked drainage problem can cause excess water buildup, this excessive water buildup can cause erosion from the soil and cause the soil to consolidate. When the water problem becomes too much for the home foundation to handle the foundation suffers at the hands of the water.

Preparation of Your Building Site:

When moving dirt on your property you need to pay close attention to where you are moving the soil to and from. When moving large amounts of soil and loading it up on another area you must account for the soil to stabilize itself, before construction is to commence.

Tips for Ground Maintenance:

When grading soil and preparing for construction make sure that the soil is properly compacted before beginning a foundation job. This is critical to prevent the home from having any major settling in the long term future.

What to do with bad soil conditions:

When you have undesirable soil conditions from things like organic components, debris, or trash this can definitely cause what’s called expansion, contraction, or consolidation all of these things contribute to foundation failures.

The cost of your foundation repair will have to be determined once we have a good look at your house and can determine how much work it will take to repair the damage.

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