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Foundation Repair Costs

How to figure Foundation Repair Cost?

How to determine the exact foundation repair cost can be difficult because there are many things that we take into consideration when estimating a quote. Things have to be considered like what should be done, how we need to approach the situation, and what we will need in terms of equipment to fix the problem. The most important thing to consider is hiring the correct people for the job. Always consider the amount of experience that the company you are working with has. Most homes take years to start to develop foundation problems, but then you start to notice things like cracks and leaks that start to appear. This is when a good foundation repair services company like us can fill the gaps (pun intended) for your foundation. Calculating the cost of the repair may take time but we insure a fair quote every time, and make sure that we fix your problem.

How much is the Average cost of Foundation Repair?

Typically the repair costs in Atlanta range on the order of 5,000 dollars to 7,000 dollars. This estimate of cost is based on no further complications to the problem such as plumbing issues that we might come across. Since we are a foundation repair company and not plumbers we would need to call in a plumber if we were faced with a plumbing issue. Just note that some jobs can cost as little as $2,000 while others can climb as high as $14,000.

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Considerations for Repair and Needs you may have

We aim to help you correct issues before they become issues, by doing small things before they become large problems we can save you money in the long run. Jobs to prevent future damage usually only cost a fraction of what would happen with a large problem. Ignoring issues such as cracks in walls and floors that are beginning to split can lead to tremendous costs and headaches into the future.

Types of Foundations

How your foundation is constructed will play a part in how much you will pay for you foundation repair. Some of the more common foundation types are t-shaped, pier and beam, and slab foundations. The various designs of these different foundation types require various types of amounts of material. This may be why your next door neighbor has to pay twice what your foundation will cost to be repaired.

House Size Matters

How large or small your house is will affect how much the repair job will cost. For obvious reasons the larger houses will require more material to fix due to the shear square footage involved. If the structure of your house is complex this will also affect the amount of time involved to protect the intricacies that are involved. This is the reason that foundation repair is not a one size quote fits all houses, kind of model.

Providing Service

Make sure when you choose a company that you understand that the more professional companies with years of experience are probably going to cost you more money. Be very careful when choosing a company just because they are offering the better price. No one other than yourself and your insurance company will ever know that you chose to pay the higher price for better quality. However, be rest assured that your home will last for many years to come when you choose a quality foundation repair company like us.

Your home will probably be the largest investment that you will ever make, you need to make sure that that investment was a solid decision by taking care of your investment. Foundation repairs are critical in maintaining the value of your home. This is why it is critical for you to keep a close watch on issues that pop up that may indicate foundation issues are on the horizon, such as multiple windows starting to jam, weird leaks, and noticeable cracks in your walls. If you keep a close watch than you can call us to come and help you repair the small things before you run into a very large costly foundation problem.

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